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Stage 2:

Detailed UXO Risk Assessment


There is a very low likelihood of encountering buried explosive ordnance / unexploded ordnance at the majority of UK sites. The first step in the risk management process - Stage 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) - is the ideal way to quickly identify Low Risk and avoid further action at additional cost. 

The main objective of a Stage 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) is to confirm whether or not further research is required to verify the risk. If a Low Risk cannot be concluded at Stage 1, a Stage 2 Detailed Risk Assessment (DRA) will be recommended. The reason for such a recommendation, is the inaccessibility of key records within the PRA time-frame and budget. 

Our PRA service is a desktop study service. Every PRA is researched and written by an experienced risk assessor and consequently is entirely bespoke. 

We do not use online tools to automatically generate non-project-specific reports. 

Standard Delivery: within 48 hours of order confirmation 

Standard Fee: £150 + VAT

For extremely large sites, multiple sites, or if you have a very tight time-frame, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirement. 

Our Detailed Risk Assessments (DRA) utilise all relevant records available, including those held at various archives and other institutions around the UK. The DRA involves a more thorough consideration of site-specific hazards and a more rigorous risk model to assess them fully.


Findings, analysis, rationale and conclusions are clearly and concisely communicated. All the relevant factors are described in detail, scored and put through a semi-quantitative risk model.      


Key DRA features: 

  • Written in accordance with the relevant CIRIA guidelines on UXO risk

  • Researched and produced by an experienced BSc qualified UXO risk analyst

  • Always based on original / primary source (archived) records

  • Our risk model is comparable to a traditional contaminated land risk assessment     

  • Thorough QA: every DRA is subject to a triple check review process


At Impartial Assessments, we appreciate that the probability of encountering buried explosive ordnance is far greater than the probability of that device detonating. This is reflected in our DRAs.

This, combined with our focus on thorough research, empirical evidence based analysis, and a keen eye for detail, allows us to accurately deliver a high proportion of low risk DRAs. We will only recommend proactive risk mitigation measures when it is fully appropriate to do so.  

Delivery: typically within 15-20 working days of order confirmation. 

Fee: variable. Just send us your site boundary plan to receive a quote.  

Can I see an example DRA before I order one?

Of course, your free sample DRA is available on request. 

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