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UXO Risk Assessment

Peer Review

  • Have you received a risk assessment concluding moderate or high risk?

  • Are you uncomfortable with the fee you've been quoted for risk mitigation?

  • Is there a UXO specialist currently conducting magnetometer surveys on your site?

If so, it could be beneficial to get an expert second opinion.

Within the construction industry, buried explosive ordnance as a hazard is often misunderstood and the associated risk can be misjudged. Impartial Assessments was born out of a motivation to remain objective and address this issue.

Construction companies are occasionally recommended explosive ordnance risk mitigation strategies that run into the tens of thousands of pounds. In our experience, these unexpected costs can be based on flawed risk assessments. 

For a fraction of the cost of the risk mitigation works you've been quoted, we can carry out a peer review of any UXO risk assessment. 

The result? Either: 

  • peace of mind that the recommended works are justified (for a small fee), or 

  • a substantial (potentially 100%) reduction in your UXO risk mitigation costs

We are so confident that our peer review service will benefit you, we will partially refund you our fee if we cannot reduce the size of the existing elevated risk zone(s).    

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